Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Four things you should consider when buying a dehumidifier

There are many different brands of dehumidifier with various different features. There are four key features you should investigate before making your mind up which dehumidifier to buy.

1)How quick does the dehumidifier remove moisture

Dehumidifiers vary on their capacity to remove water. Some can remove tens of gallons daily, for example Ebac industrial dehumidifiers, and other small compact instruments can only remove ounces per day. The Ebac dehumidifiers are much more expensive and are not really suited for home use.

2) How noisy is it

It is best to ask for a demonstration or a trial period with a dehumidifier to see how loud it is. You dont really want one in your bedroom if it squeaks alot and keeps you awake all night. Luckily there are some instruments that operate silently, such as the Air Dryr Portable dehumidifier.

3) How easy is it to use

Does it have automatic features

4) Does it use much energy

Some dehumidifiers use 200 watts and could cost you a fortune.

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