Monday, 5 January 2009

Small dehumidifiers are just as good as the big ones!

Dehumidifiers are essential to lower the relative humidity of our homes. Too much humidity results in damp walls which cause wallpaper to start lifting, clothes will gather mold and mildew and perhaps you are sneezing or coughing more than normal. To resolve these problems you should remove the excess moisture from your home or perhaps just certain rooms in the house by buying a dehumidifier.

Large dehumidifiers are only required for massive warehouses and industries. If you have a room which is 100 square feet a small dehumidifier is adequate to solve your problem. Mini and portable dehumidifiers are easy to use and small enough to be carried around the house to whatever room they are needed for. If it is a very small area you need to dry out say less than 30 square feet I would recommend buying the mini dehumidifier which contains a dessicant such as silica gel to help dry out your room. They hold less than 20 ounces of water and when they are full they will either alarm or a colour indicator will let you know. Portable dehumidifers are capable of holding much more water but they use more energy so your electricity bill will be higher. However if you have 100 square feet to dry out these will be much more useful.

You can buy a mini dehumidifier from as little as $10 from maplin and a portable dehumidifier from around $80 such as the one by Windchaser which removes 0.8 pints of water per day and is suitable for office use as well as in the home.

Remember before you buy a small dehumidifier to shop around as there are many discounted deals.

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